Alexis Empire – v1-c23

“What’s going on…” 

Keyness muttered while looking appalled. 

From his splendid tent, he only poked out his face to see what had happened. 

He woke up from his sleep due to the noise and thought that there might be a night attack. 

A group of black knights was seen rampaging around, slashing the fleeing Chart soldiers while heading toward his position. 

As they pass, they throw a torch and burned the tent. 

“A-Anyone! Is there anyone?!” Keynes turned pale and fell into a panic. 

However, there was no one replying his words. 

Guards usually stand in the vicinity of the tent, but this time he didn’t see them. 

“Those guys had abandoned me huh?!” Keynes realize that and he throws a tantrum, but that didn’t help. 

In the first place, since there was no one come reporting meant that the communication system was no functioning. 

“Anyone! Somebody! Answer me!… Why no one responding?! I am the next heir to the Carmelia house you know?” 

Keynes was confronted with an unacceptable reality, and he could not come up with a way to do something, he keeps screaming like a baby looking for his parents’ help while hugging his ancestral sword without pulling it out from the scabbard. 

Suddenly someone pushed him from the back. 

“What are you doing, you servant!” Keynes shouted back after he fell on his knees. 

Looking back, a young girl was staring at him looking frightened. 

The other day, he had caught her from the refugees who tried to run away. 

He didn’t allow the soldiers to touch her but, Keynes took her as a plaything. 

Even tonight, he had used her to vent his desire by tying her up with rope. Hearing the noise from outside, she had thought that this might be the opportunity for her to escape. 

“Don’t you dare to look down on me!” 

As Keynes jump up, he pulled his sword from the scabbard, and out of rage, he swings the sword. 

There was no way for the girl to resist. 

“Damn it. I need to run away quickly…” 

Keynes unconsciously thought about what to do after he kicked the young girl corpse. 

First of all, I need to secure a horse. 

Then, Keynes suddenly hear a horseshoe approaching him entered his ears. 

Many of them… 

“Geh…” Seeing what come toward him, Keynes lost words. 

While he was being confused, a group of knights had come approaching him. 

He trembled to realize that he was late to escape. 

Above all, the knights in front of him appeared terrifying. 

Every time they swing their weapons, a soldier’s head flew or their torso being stabbed. 

Coupled with the skull helmet, their appearance was indeed looked like the god of death. 

One of them had a red light coming from behind the mask. 

(Are they coming to assist me?) 

But Keynes instinct kicked in. 

That god of death was Leonard. 

He realizes who that was because he remembered one of the famous anecdotes. 

It was reported that he had black hair and rainbow pupil. 

His eyes could change in seven different colors depending on his emotions. 

His unique constitution was inherited by the Emperor but, after the third generation, all of the sons were only able to change one color. 

After the great empire collapse, occasionally someone who could change the eye color was born in the royal family of each country. 

And Leonard was one of them, Keynes realize that in awe… 

“I’m surrendering!” Keynes screamed. 

He looked like someone who just woke up from being drunk. Dazzled by Chart ingenuity, he had forgotten who he was currently standing in front… 

In the imperial palace, he was said to be a crossbreed, but that Leonard, isn’t he the one who actually close to the first great emperor? Keynes realized… 

Thus he thought he could not fight against such a monster. 

He realized that he had made the wrong opponent. 

It was hateful but, Alan was right. He thought… 

“I— I’ve made a mistake! Please pardon me! Take me as your vassals, I don’t mind if you put me to the lowest seat! I will turn to a new leaf and dedicated all of my devotion!” 

He kneeled on the spot, and press his forehead on the ground and screamed loudly. 

“If I have to be punished for all of my mistakes so far, I will accept it! But please spare my life! Your Highness Leonard!” 

He shouted until his voice turns dry. 

Keynes didn’t doubt at all. 

That Leonard would forgive him. Keynes might not be a talented warrior but, Keynes thought to have his ancient household under his command, Leonard would be pleased to welcome the house of Carmelia with open arms. 

He believed that with all of his heart. 

Thus, he kept pleading for a long time. 

Until his back was crushed by the horseshoes. 

And died. It was easy for a horse to crush a fragile human body. 

His fat corpse was being stepped by hundreds of horses making his corpse stretched out… Rather than a corpse, his body now looked like a chunk of meat. 

Leonard who led the 500 knights, couldn’t hear Keynes words due to the noise the horse-hoofs made. 

Due to the darkness of the night, he could see someone was crouching and being stepped by Zanzas. 

Thus, Leonard never knew that he had defeated Keynes in that battle.