Alexis Empire – v1-c22

Leonard’s eyes shine crimson as if a raging fire… 


Leonard roars splitting the night sky. 

The knights bravely kicked their horses and rushed at maximum speed. 

The horses advance rushed the wide space between the carts. 

The only thing that could stop such cavalry charge momentum was only a well-organized spearman. 

But the Chart army that had just suddenly being woken up was unable to perform such elaborated formation at once. 

They were devoured by Alexis Knights just like some soft meat. 

Leonard and his comrades were equipped with Glaives. 

If they had faced the enemy head to head, swords might have been better, but Glaives were the best against confused enemies. The horse rushing power was akin to that of scissors… 

Especially Leonard Glaive who was running as the vanguard. 

His huge Glaive had a total length of 3,3 meters, what was more unusual was that the blade and the handle were made out of a single piece of steel. 

It was one of a kind weapons that took a lot of money, time and labor to make. 

It was the reward for his effort at exterminating bandits— Whether or not the Emperor thought deeply about what to give to Leonard who was known as the devil’s child was not important. 

Its weight exceeds 40kin (Around 24 Kilograms), in which no matter how strong Leonard was, it still hard for him to swing it with just a single arm. Therefore, he didn’t only use his strength to move the weapon. He won’t be able to handle such a great glaive without moving his entire body. 

Leonard had arrived at his current strength after continuing his training. He often moves the big glaive while monitoring which muscle needed to move the glaive, thus making him able to move the glaive freely despite the weight. 

Without being taught by anyone, he was able to master martial art by using his own talent and effort. 

He was indeed a beautiful beast. 

Like a Lion… 

Leonard who rides on Zanzas approached an enemy soldier. 

He was a man wearing leather armors. Probably from the Carmelia infantry. He held a normal spear in his hand. 

As soon as he realizes he could not escape, he desperately trusts his spear. 

However, Leonard movement was quicker. 

He used his whole muscle to swipe his Glaive. 

With the force power from his spine to his arms spread into the Glaive handle. 

He raised the big Glaive. 

And pointed it on the man abdomen. 

Not only Leonard strength with Zanzas momentum it created a powerful synergy. – 

With such a force, the enemy soldier was cut into half by the Glaive force. 

It was not an exaggeration. 

The other enemy soldiers stand up paralyzed due to the nightmarish scene. Some of them even wet their pants… 

Leonard and his comrades mercilessly trampled over them. 

Since if they left them go, they would reassemble and attack Eidonia. There was no mercy… They cut away even the enemy who was running away as if it was grass. 

“Look at that, Leo! Pike soldiers!” Alan warned. 

Of course, Leonard could also see it. 

Around 50 pike soldiers tried to form a horizontal formation. 

They seem to be those who manage to wake up quickly when they heard the commotion. 

Their response was quick. Meaning that they were good soldiers… 

However, that number of pike soldiers was not worthy of consideration… 

“Crush them!” Leonard instead increased Zanzas speed. 

The pike soldiers tried to form a formation as best as they could. In order to withstand the cavalry charge, stones were slanted and fixed on the ground with the pike tip facing upward. In that way, they had made a wall out of spears. The pike length exceeded 3ken(4.8 meters). If cavalry rushed into that, they would end up being skewered. 

However, Leonard aimed at their pikes without hesitation. 

With a peerless single stroke. 

More than ten pike soldiers lost their weapons. 

And Zanzas rushed into the enemy and kicked them. 

As Leonard opened the way, Bauman and the others followed behind him, dealing more damage… 

Pike was a good weapon but only when being positioned properly. Unless they did that, everything was over. 

Despite being excellent, around fifty soldiers died just like that. 

No one could stop Leonard. 

Thus the assault of the knights didn’t stop. 

And the destruction Chart army suffered didn’t stop either… 

The more they got scared, the more they move in confusion… 

Some threw away their weapons and run away… 

“Wait, what is going on?!” 

“A monster-like knight on a monster-like horse holding a monster-like weapon!” 


“If you don’t want to die, run immediately!” 

“Ah… There! Look!” 

“… What is that… … Are we being attacked by the god of death?!” 

In a panic, even when they were already awake, Chart army could not recover until the end. 

It didn’t matter if there were more than 3,000 men. Unless someone brings them under control, they were nothing more than a bunch of mobs. 

And no one currently did that in Chart army. 

Thus, there was no obstacle blocking the Alexis knights, they unilaterally slaughtered the enemy, kicked the bonfire and burned the tent along with those who still inside…