Alexis Empire – v1-c21

Leonard favorite armors had black color from top to bottom. 

The cloak he wore was also jet black in color. 

It was something that Rozalia had given to him. 

Not only the design was standing out, but it also had a streamlined feature from the front to the back. 

Combined with the ominous color, it was a glamor that gives a frightening impression. 

Because it was a battle armors, it was made to crush the opponent morale who saw it. 

When the full-faced helmet was crafted to resemble a skull. 

Stirrups were also being placed on the saddle being worn by Zanzas. 

The armors the horse wore were made of leather and irons matching with his armors. 

Even without pulling the reins, the smart horse could immediately understand the will of the lord… 

When Leonard come late to the north side of the post town just like how usually commanders would, everyone had already gathered. -=TLN: In this case, he was late as ‘a commander courtesy to be a bit late.’ 

Bauman then made a report in which Leonard responded with a solemn nod. 

“It has been a while since everyone has gathered together like this but, it is indeed quite the spectacle…” 

He agreed with Bauman’s words that sounded a bit happy. 

They all rode their war horses. 

All of them also had worn their armors. 

Black, black, black, black— 

Their armors, leather armors, cloak, the full-face helmet that was being crafted resembling skulls, all of them were jet black in color. 

Back then, Rozalia dyed the knights she had organized with her taste. 

Compared to Leonard, she prefers the knights to wear fewer armors while riding the horse to prevent the rider from exhaustion before fighting. And if it was too heavy, it would decrease the horse’s speed. Zanzas, which were superior when it comes to speed, strength, and stamina had the potential to have his whole body also wore armors. 

As if coming out of the darkness, a group of knights with black skull design armors would’ve given the beholder a certain fear. 

Leonard raised his right hand. 

“Advance!” Immediately Bauman ordered the 500 knights swiftly. 

In the darkness of the night, the skull knights marched in orderly manners, creating the impression of a god of death funeral. 

The horses ran about 2 hours through the highway heading toward the provincial capital. 

They took a break for thirty minutes before their advance again. It was important to let the horse get some rest sufficiently. 

The date was the 25th day of the month. 

They run through the cultivated land located on the south of Eidon, then rush toward the ranch located on the east side. Alan was waiting there. He had ordered the rancher there to manage the 500 horses he had seized. 

And Alan also wore the same armors the Alexis Knights had worn. 

“For the last two years, I wanted to run with you all over the battlefield. Though it was in this kind of situation, I never thought it would become true. Honestly, I’m not sure to be happy about it or not…” 

Alan had a complex expression on his face. Then Leonard responded… 

“It is two birds with one stone…” 

“Hahahaha… I see I guess you’re right. Ah, I gave up. My heart that was easily in disorder, when Leo’s there, it could be easily being swiftly solved…” 

They then bumped their fists. 

In the meantime, the knights changed their horses, and they also bring their warhorses without riding them… 

There was no way that the spy stationed at the provincial capital didn’t notice when more than 1,000 horses come and go. 

They need to move in a hurry but— The forest comes into their view… 

Gloomy and dark forest, the leaves that didn’t let the moonlight to pass through… 

Creating an overwhelming eerie atmosphere that keeps visitors to pass through… 

What kind of monsters lurk inside aside, looking at it, the forest itself could be said as a monster. 

There was tension between the knights running toward the forest highway… 

Witnessing the real things, many of the knights wavered… 

Sensing that, Leonard whispered… “Zanzas.” 

The Empire’s greatest horse responded by speeding up and plunged into the forest first. 

“Don’t let his highness leave us in the dust…!” After Bauman said those words, the knights followed continued to follow him. 

It was brilliant, more than 500 knights, not even one dropped out. 

They even felt that the road was brighter than the surrounding as if it was being cut open… 

For Leonard, he had no problem when it comes to night vision. 

Moreover, horses had better eyes than humans. If left alone they would run while avoiding the path that they felt ‘dangerous’. It was also a stubborn creature compared to the weak two-ledged person… 

As long as Leonard and Zanzas lead them, the other horses would follow as if out of habits. 

Moreover, Shera had carefully trained the horses around the vicinity for more than 10 days. – 

Though it could be said as everything went well as some of the knights patting their chest relieved. 

On the other hands, among the 500 men, some of them were still afraid no matter what… 

“Oi Oi! There was an eerie shadow over there!” 

“Look carefully. That was just a nocturnal bird.” 

“Oi oi oi! Just now, I heard a woman cry!” 

“That is just a howling wolf.” 

“No no no, wolf? Isn’t that dangerous?!” 

“You moron. Do you think a wolf would attack a herd of horses?” 

“Strategist-dono had already told us, no? That individually they are coward creature!” 

Like that every time someone claimed to saw something, the surrounding would immediately rebuke them… 

“Our vanguard is the bloodsucking prince, Nosferatu, you know?! There’s nothing to fear!” 


Alan told that to the knights and the knights responded in kind. And as long there’s a clever guy with his mouth like him, everything should be fine. Though of course, it was Shera great ability that saw the use of such nefarious nickname and turns it into her advantages… 

It was a fact that Leonard was reliable, but he didn’t realize that his figure running ahead as the vanguard had been the one who given the knights courage the most. 

Eventually, they managed to pass through the forest. 

The knights cheered. 

“You guys! The real thing starts from here, you remember?!” Bauman scolded them but he also could not hide his relieved voice. 

Everyone except Leonard changed their horses again. They straddled their favorite warhorses. The warhorses had been running without carrying anyone thus they should still have plenty of strength left. 

Then they left the horses that had carried them there in place. Those horses were not a warhorse, thus it was not useful on the battlefield. Though they had played a great role as they had expected, by carrying them passing the forest highway 

“Hurry, hurry!” Bauman told them to rush. 

They immediately rearrange their formation into twenty vertical to twenty-five horizontal. 

After Leonard make sure they had the formation, he ran ahead as the vanguard once again. 

They head toward the western side of the forest to aiming Chart army from behind. 

500 skull knights march in silent. 

As they move forward, they keep sharpening their fighting spirit. 

Before long, they could see the enemy ahead of them… 

At first, it was the enemy’s bonfire entered their vision. 

Next, the number of tents illuminated in the dark. Though there were a lot of carts filled with looted goods being used as an impromptu wall, it was not enough to cover an entire army of 3,000 men. 

Leonard consciously concentrates searching around for some presence. 

Did they notice their movement? -No… 

Did they wait in ambush? — No. 

Did the spy manage to inform their headquarter? — No. 

Was there any sign of people sleeping? 

— Yes. 

Leonard raised his right hand while holding his weapon. 

All troops immediately expand their formation to the side. 

They were comrades which had been fighting together since the Admov invasion. 

That was why their ability to reassemble their formation was very smooth. 

Then, they raised their horses’ legs high. 

Two thousand hooves shook the ground violently, destroying the night silence… 

Of course. Soon enough the other side noticed the noise. 

The sleepless people panicked as they shouted and reported that there was an enemy attack. 

But unfortunately, it was already late. 

Leonard took a deep breath. 

Then he stared at the center of the camp. 

(… Just because you don’t like aunt, you people devised a plan to get rid of her. … And now, just because you don’t like Eidonia, you attacked them…) 

He won’t let the same thing to happen twice as he gazed at the imperial aristocrats which had eaten this country… 

And then—