Alexis Empire – v1-c17

Chart army line up in detail, the core was made of Pike troops called from Dinkwood. It takes money and time to train soldiers using pike but, as expected of a duke, he easily had lent 3,000 of them.

Then Carmelia soldiers joined… The breakdown was one hundred light cavalries who was used for scouts, three hundred infantry armed with ordinary spears, and two hundred archers composed of volunteer hunters.

The total of their force was 3,500 men.

Needless to say, the commanding officer was Chart.

Keynes was his lieutenant but, Chart didn’t trust him with anything.

Instead, he was relying on Torame, who was a military advisor sent by his grandfather.

For the sake of defeating Eidonia.

Keynes wanted to make Alan swear loyalty under him, and make a profit by plundering. If that happens, the unpleasant crossbreed won’t have funding, and his band of knights would collapse. Thus he thought it would be hitting two birds with one stone.

Chart army then went down the highway, every time they found villages and towns, they would plunder them.

At first, when they found the place to be vacant, the soldiers become discouraged.

However, when they noticed that all of the household goods (including golds) were left behind, the soldiers went mad and plundered everything. Though they could not satisfy their carnal desire with the absent of young women, they didn’t look dissatisfied at all.

All livestock were also being left behind except for the horses. Thus they manage to enjoy luxurious meat to the fullest.

“The morale is high, great.” That was what Chart muttered, looking at the situation.

After three days had passed, the soldiers could not carry the stolen goods anymore, they decided to carry the goods using the stolen cart. Each time they hit a village or post town, the number of carts increased. The horse was not being left behind. Thus the soldiers had no choice but take a turn to pull the cart, while looking cheeky.

3rd month, 19th day. Evening.

They found a village, then allowed the soldiers to loot and order them to stay here tonight.

The most splendid house which seems to belong to the village chief was used as Chart office and inn.

Torame attendants were preparing dinner and fireplace, while Chart and Keynes waited in the dining room.

“The speed of our army had become slower but…”

Torame reported the news and bowed his head toward Chart in fear.

The one who answered was Keynes. Due to the alcohol, his face had become red.

“Huh? What are you doing, you bastards?!”

“I feel the soldiers started to slack. And also because there are too many carts…”

Torame continued to report in an awkward manner.

“Are you saying that we should abandon the cart?! There’s a limit for being stupid, you know?”

“I-I’m sorry for being rude…”

Keynes raised his voice in anger, while Torame apologized by rubbing his forehead on the floor.

“Wait, Lord Keynes.” Chart interjected.

Keynes shuddered with just one shot, Torame was saved and relieved.

“You’ve reported well, Sir Torame. Tell me everything you’ve noticed. There might be something that I’ve overlooked after all…”

“Yes, sir… ”

“Now then, about the problem, today how much did we manage to advance?”

“Around 2,5ri(around 10 kilometers)…”

“Fumu… Which mean, we will be delayed five to six days until we reached the provincial capital?”

“Yes, sir. That’s right,” Torame answered hesitantly.

“With that much delay, it would create a lot of time for Alan to prepare, but… What do you think?”

“Yes, sir, I have the same opinion.” Torame continued…

“In the masterpiece from Empire Zien on the east, it is said that the swiftness of the soldiers’ movement is precious, in this case, I think that is true. With good morale, it should be fine for us to advance the troops. But I don’t want them to face Alan’s force while feeling tired…”

“I agree, I agree…”

“Alan could only win by using a surprise attack or ambush, but we could prevent that by using scout and moving cautiously, no?”

“That’s right…”

“We’re superior in numbers. Thus we don’t need any trick. If we pay attention and be cautious, victory would naturally roll into our hands. … That is what I thought but, don’t you think my thought is following ‘textbook’ too much, Sir Torame ?”

“I think playing by the books is also what make a person a good ruler. I think this battle is very worthy of Your Highness…”

“I’m relieved if you say that. Then, do not abandon the cart. However, considering Sir Torame concern, no further increase will be made. Inform the soldiers of that…”

“Yes, sir. As expected of your highness command, I will make sure everyone follows it.”

The problems were solved, and Chart nodded in satisfaction. Everything was going well, and if he had someone great such as Torame, he thought he would avoid making mistakes.

By the end of the day, Chart would then achieved accomplishment as a commander.

Chart then drink the tea in his cup, it was cheap and had bad taste, but due to his excellent mood, he didn’t mind.


Chart heard loud footsteps, which plunged his good mood down…

The scouts that were tasked to patrol the surrounding had returned in a hurry.

“I found a refugee camp half ri ahead!”

He shouted happily…

“Are you sure?!” Keynes stood up in excitement.

“Are they late at running away?”

“Yes, your highness! It seems they are stupid people that tried to bring all of their goods…”

‘I see…’ Haring that, Chart understood. Alan seems to have ordered his people to evacuate without bringing their daily goods, but some towns or villages people were greedy.

Chart thought how stupid, they would only end up as prey for his soldiers… Everyone pocket was supposedly warm enough, but the human desire was endless. It was a fortunate time for Chart, as his soldiers were hungry for blood and lust.

“May I go, your Highness?”

Keynes seems unable to hide his desire anymore, and he asked for permission.

“I don’t mind if you want to play around. But, no more cart increased…”

“Thank you, your highness! Oi, let us go. You guys!” Keynes joyfully went away with the scout. “Hihi! Finally, I will find some woman!”

He licked his tongue, anticipating what to come.

He looked very vulgar.

After sent him off. Chart, who was unable to understand him shake his head left and right.

“I don’t think there’s a beautiful woman in this kind of rural area. What do you think? Sir Torame?”

If you ask him, Chart rather goes to sleep than having to mingle with a plain-looking woman.

“Hahaha, yes sir, I don’t think there’s a woman that suited your highness taste in this kind of place…”

Torame laughed in response. Due to Chart and Keynes innocent, he replied lightly…

“Fuh…” Chart then snorted.

He looked at the distance, imagining the refuges that soon would become prey.

Keyness would take the troops with him. The powerless people would end up being overrun. Both old people and children would be killed. While a young woman would be violated, making death a better option. In other words, the scene would definitely turn into hell.

Chart then stopped imagining it and murmured…

“I hope Keynes and the others won’t return dead tired after frolicking too much…”

The second prince Chart, he didn’t feel any sadness toward the people that would fall into misfortune.