Alexis Empire – v1-c14

Alan respected his late father.

A father who cherished his territory, who loved his people, he was a great man.

He was also a righteous man, he ignored the pressure of the four dukes, and continue to support Rozelia and the Alexis defensive war.

Seeing and growing up looking at such a man, Alan had become a good man who wanted to become just like him.

The calendar was currently the year 211, at the start of the third month of the year, and in less than a month, Alan’s father death anniversary would arrive.

In preparation for the first anniversary, the Eidonia household residence located in the imperial capital was bustling. It was necessary to invite a lot of imperial capital aristocrats and hold a grand ceremony for it. The common belief in Claude in this era was that if this were being neglected, the deceased would turn into a ghost and visit you on the bedside when you sleep.

It was no exception for Alan either, to put it bluntly, the arrangement he must do was enormous but, since he vividly remembered how the predecessor did things, he manages to splendidly command the servants.

Starting from his energetic little sister from Eidonia territory, all of his relatives gathered one by one every single day.

However, when his uncle, Douglas, showed his face sooner than scheduled, the mansion turns noisy like a beehive being poked…

He had been entrusted Eidonia most northern territory by his father order. It was the farthest place from the imperial capital. Thus his schedule for arrival should’ve been the last. That was why his appearance surprised even the relatives.

And this uncle, he also had been entrusted with monitoring the movement of Carmelia. Since he had been in a hurry to come here by changing fast horses repeatedly, the relatives who were fast in the uptake sniffed something was wrong.

And of course, Alan was among one of them, he meets up with his uncle at the front door.

“Has there been any movement by Carmelia, Uncle?”

“They are preparing an army! And their aim is our territory!”

Douglas started to talk rapidly, without even trying to take off his traveling clothes.

Hearing his words, all of the relatives raised their voice. “That Carmila, to think they would provoke us during a mourning period like this!” “Such reckless action!” “As if we will let such injustice to just pass by!” Several of them begin to raise their voice.

Alan also had the same feeling, but, as a lord, he needs to take a practical countermeasure. He then requested more information from Douglas. His uncle had spy stationed in Grinde, the capital city of Carmelia, his information gathering should be very accurate.

“They seem to have gathered around five hundred soldiers in Grinde.”

“I guess that amount is to be expected,” Alan responded with that remark. Eidonia and Carmila economy rivaled each other, and they both had the ability to gather 1,000 private soldiers at once. Initially, all the soldiers were tasked to guard the territory, and they were a force that should never be used to invade. And if they didn’t leave at least a half of the force they had, security in their territory would fall. And also, even if they attacked each other with 500 men, one should keep in mind that the enemy could muster twice the military power…

“I heard they’ve given the order to the soldiers to march on the third month of the year, and the thirteenth day of the month.”

Counting from today, it would be ten days before that happened. Somehow the movement of the enemy was slow, but…

“Are they waiting for reinforcement?”

Just as Alan had guessed, Douglas nodded with a serious look.

Thus Alan thought goes further… He didn’t know what Carmelia thinking, but, he also didn’t believe that there would be any noble household would help them in such a selfish battle. Assuming one or two households who helped them were the same level, he expected the number of reinforcement would be around 500 men…

— That was what Alan had calculated, and he never thought it would be entirely off the mark

Douglas swallowed his saliva and then opened his mouth.

“It seems they are going to get 3000 pikemen as reinforcement…”

Alan calculation inside his mind turns into a fine dust.

Of course, it was natural for Alan to be perplexed.

“Such a large army, where did they manage to gather them?”

“The information says it comes from Lord Dinkwood…”

“Why is Lord Dinkwood with Carmelia, just what’s going on?!”

Alan groaned. Relatives who heard that begin to pray for salvation.

It was impossible for him to realize it was Chart secret maneuvering, in which he made his grandfather join force with Keynes. Everyone was overwhelmed by the terrible fact that the enemy had one of the four dukes behind them. If it were Duke Dinkwood, he wouldn’t just easily hand over 3000 pikemen without batting an eyelid.

“Big Brother…” His little sister, Mireille, who usually energetic called to him looking anxious. “Should we also asked his highness Leonard for help as well?”

“Don’t say such a stupid thing…” Alan shook his head.

This was about Eidonia; thus, he thought he should not bother the others with it…

“Then, for what reason big brother had always supported Alexis knights?”

“At least, it is not for my self-interest…”

Facing Mireille who had a tenacious face, Alan responded with denial. He was prepared to just go without change…

“Where are you going, big brother?! I’m not done talking yet!”

“Isn’t it obvious, palace visit of course. I want to complain to his majesty directly and asked whether such assault is allowed… As a precaution, we should prepare for fast horses so that Eidonia’s men could dispatch as soon as possible…”

“That is too lax! Please ask the Alexis knights for help as well…”

Mireille still insists, but Alan had already gone away toward the imperial palace…

“That stubborn big brother! Fine, do whatever you want!”

He went to the imperial palace in a dash…

At least, he wants to be able to keep his face up just like his late father figure…