Alexis Empire – v1-c13

That was how Leonard and his colleagues were enjoying their time after bandits subjugation. 

Around the time when they chat on the second floor— 

On the first floor of the entrance, the storekeeper was going down on his knees. 

“I’m very sorry. Today, the store is reserved for a whole day…” 

Thus he asked the customer to come another time but, the customer was not convinced. 

“I’m a member of Carmelia household you know?! And you dare to turn me around?!” 

He was a young man with a fat body, he spits out his saliva while shouting. 

He believed that since he was an aristocrat, it would be fine to use force to pass through anything… 

Looking at how he brought his followers, he was no different compared to the hooligans around the downtown. 

“B-But, the one who reserved it is Earl Eidonia…” 

The storekeeper was using Alan’s name as a shield against him but… 

“What did you say? Then are you saying that Alan household is better compared to my Earl household?” 

The fat man got angry more and more… 

It was too late when the storekeeper realizes his failure… 

“Do you think I would forgive you for such an insult?!” 

The fat nobleman put his hand on his sword. 

The storekeeper face then turned blue and began o faint. 

Then at that moment… 

“That’s enough, Lord Keynes.” 

Cool voice reverberated from the surrounding. 

Hearing the voice, Keynes let go of his sword in panic. – 

The storekeeper knows that the man was not Keynes follower. 

The cool voice was from the lord they were following. 

If you look carefully, just like how his voice sound, he was a handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes. 

He had a tall and well-balanced body. He was also intelligent and elegant. The silk garment he was wearing and the sword decorated with silver and gold that was hanging on his waist indicated his status. It was completely different compared to Keynes, who looked like a dressed pig. 

“Your Highness, Chart!” 

Keynes called his name fearfully. 

He was Claude’s second prince. 

Chart Dinkwood Claude Soma. 

Unlike the mediocre first prince, he was well-known as a genius prince who made many people feel regret that he was born late. 

Not to mention that he was born only several hours later than the first prince, make the regret feel much more profound. Though he had such a fate, in the end, Chart was still a prince. 

In fact, among the ten princes, including Leonard, Chart voice stands out the most in the imperial palace. 

He excels in literary and the military arts, he also had an excellent track record for having graduated as the top student from the imperial military school. 

In addition, he had powerful backing. His grandfather was called Lord Dinkwood. 

He was one of the four dukes in this Empire, and he was a great aristocrat who was seen as the leader of the northern aristocracy. 

That was why it was natural for Keynes who was a son of Earl Household to low his head. 

Then, that Chart was… 

“It seems that guy is currently having fun with my foolish brother…” 

He turned his heels after he glanced at the second floor for a brief moment. 

The storekeeper was shocked. He never mentioned Leonard during their exchange and yet. 

“We will come again, storekeeper. At that time, you will treat us, yes?” 

Chart then leave with an elegance that even a child would find it graceful if they saw it. 

Then Keynes and the others followed him. 

Even though the storekeeper didn’t do anything, he leaves the place with a feeling that he had his live time shaved nine times. 

“That abominable, the crossbreed!” 

Keynes continued his rant loudly. Expecting to eat lunch, yet here they were on their way back home. 

“And that flunky Alan, he’s just a rural knight but how dare he! Me aside, for him to have the gal turning away His Highness Chart, isn’t that very rude?” 

He makes it sound like an absolute disrespect, raising Chart anger. 

The other follower also followed suit by nodding their head. 

“Also, that crossbreed, hasn’t he been getting carried away lately? With only bandits subjugation as his achievement, the truth is he also has started to become popular among the foolish commoners, did he forget his social standing?” 

When he heard Keynes poisonous words, Chart was also thinking the same. 

Two years ago, Leonard and his colleagues’ food supplies were attacked by the Four Dukes in which his grandfather was part of it\. 

Thanks to that, Leonard was given the nickname of the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu, as a form of ridicule by the people of the imperial capital. 

But now that two years had passed, Chart had felt that the people started to consider their though, which become the trend. 

Keynes then stopped his step and stomp the ground. 

“Argh, this is not funny! Especially that flunky Alan, this is all because he had been supporting that crossbreed with war fund as tribute! As expected of Eidonia lineage, such uncivilized bunch! What a stupid fools!” 

Having seen Keynes behavior, an idea crossed Chart’s mind. 

“Come to think of it, the Carmelia and the Eidonia didn’t have a friendly relation, huh?” 

“Indeed, that is right, your Highness!” 

Keynes had been complaining about that here and there. 

The provinces of Carmelia and Eidonia were adjacent to each other. And there was a lake that lies in between the two provinces, in which the two families had been fighting for the fishing right for generations. It was actually not something that could be considered being overdone, but in Keynes’s eyes, the Eidonia’s way of doing things was like a pirate. 

Chart was not a man that would quickly get pulled in by Keynes’ words. However— 

“We can’t overlook Eidonia’s injustice, huh?” 

He said those words with a calm voice. 

“As expected of Your Highness, such high understanding!” Keynes’ eyes begin to shine. 

“Sure… I will help you this time. Let us go meet the Emperor and make a plea immediately…” 

“T-Thank you very much, your highness! Fuahahahaha, that Alan is ruined now! This is the end for that crossbreed and those countrysides knights heroism!” 

Keynes, who had a fat belly, laughed to the point that his stomach started to shake violently. 

Chart glanced at that figure with frosty gaze, his brain was already thinking, assembling tactic to burn and destroy Eidonia.