Alexis Empire – v1-c12

Leonard visited a large scale store with Eastern Zien Empire that makes alcohol. 

On the roof, and corridors were carved with many majestic eastern beasts, there was also the prosperous gods enshrined, anyway inside the store, many decorations were giving off the feeling of Eastern region. The store was bustling as always. 

“You sure have a great shop huh?” 

After being guided by the waitress, Leonard spoke to the young man who was waiting in his private office. – 

“Well, I’m going to take care of the Empire’s greatest heroes, after all. Thus it is obvious to have it this much…” 

The young noble spoke to him in relax manners. 

He was Alan Eidonia. 

He was Leonard’s twenty-two-year-old best friend who had a beautiful face which made him sometimes being mistaken as a girl. Last year, he had lost his father. Thus Alan assumed his father position as the successors. 

Of course, when it comes to support from the nobles who understand his ‘plan,’ there was no other but Alan. 

He then narrowed his eyes while looking out the big windows. 

Leonard then sits opposite to his seat then follow to gaze outside the window. 

This store had a characteristic shape of a building when looking at it from the sky, it would look like ロ. The open middle space was a garden, where people could see it from all of the private rooms on the second floor. 

Right now, the itinerant entertainer was performing comedy. 

Alexis Knights who come here ahead could be heard laughing. 

Today, this store was reserved by Alan. 

It was purposely done by Leonard to comfort the knights who didn’t get much from Zaan province. 

Alan was a kind guy, not only expedition expenses, but he also took care of their spirits. 

“As always, thank you for everything.” 

“Don’t worry about it, we’re a friend, no?” 

Alan then pours Eidonia wine into his cup, and Lime juice into Leonard cup. To be frank, one of the reasons why Leonard had a good body was because he was a non-drinker. 

“Besides, only being able to do this is frustrating for me, you know? If it is possible, I actually want to go run into the battlefield together with you…” 

“Please don’t be unreasonable like that, Earl Eidonia.” 

‘I guess so.’ Alan replied while floated a lonely smile. Then… 

“Cheers for the success of Alexis Knights…” 

“Cheers for the prosperity of Eidonia.” 

Leonard raised his cup gently. Alan also renews his mood… 

Since it was too soon for dinner, having wild strawberry as their appetizer, they both had a pleasant chat while also watching the on-going comedy theater. 

“Look, Leo. That girl act. Despite being so young, she’s so good at it. Moreover, she’s beautiful. Don’t you think it’s amazing?” 

“Indeed, she’s beautiful.” 

“And she also has the will power to play an unpleasant role.” 

“Indeed, that is good.” 

“Hahahaha, did you hear that, Leo? ‘Gori Gori, it’s hurt’ she said, ‘Gori Gori’! Just what kind of a breast sound like that? Truly hilarious…” 

“Indeed, very funny…” 

Alan laughed and hugged himself while showing abundant expressions, on the other hand, Leonard watched her with a straight face as if he had left his emotion inside his mother’s stomach. 

Then— Someone approached them. 

“Fufufufu. The conversation between Leo-sama and Alan-sama is hilarious…” 

Shera came with a chuckle. 

Next to her, there was another person. The person who stands next to her was also a beautiful woman. 

“The talkative Alan-sama, and the silent his Highness, such a perfect match…” 

She cracked a joke and having a sweet smile on her face as she nodded slightly as greeting. 

In fact, Leonard didn’t have any friend other than Alan. In Claude, there were two hundred aristocrat families, but only this young man who was willing to have a friendship relationship with him. 

Alan then called the woman next to Shera after he wipes the tears from his eyes due to laughing too much. 

“Not just beautiful, a good actress you have there, Dahlia.” 

She was the troupe leader who brings together the troupe who currently playing on the courtyard. She was also an influential figure within their business line. Dahlia’s troupe was mainly toured north of imperial capital, sometimes Rozalia also enjoyed their performance whenever they performed in Alexis. Leonard, Shera and also Alan were often times watched her troupe performance together with the Marchioness. 

With that reason, these three people regarded each other like old friends. 

And they were also Shera’s ‘plan’ collaborator, though today they had come for business. 

“Her ability sure is reliable, but when it comes to beauty, all woman could be transformed with just by using white powder, no?” 

Dahlia replied Alan words as if teasing him… 

Maybe it was in her character, she didn’t hesitate at all even though she was in front of an Earl. She also acted like that when she was in front of Rozalia, which Leonard actually didn’t hate it. 

While Alan and the women’s chat with each other, for him it was comfortable enough just listening to them. 

“Heeh~, for you to say something like that, then I wish I could see your face without any makeup… If possible by my side…” 

“On top of the bed… Or if you give me an order, even right now I would let you see…” 

“Hahahaha, When it comes to Dahlia’s business, it’s art, even I understand that…” 

“Alan-sama is really good at playing…” Said Dahlia, then for some reason, she got close to Leonard and said: “But if it is with His Highness, I would like to associate deeply without bringing business?” Then she leaned on him coquettishly. 

“H-His Highness is off limit!” Shera suddenly raised her voice and went into a panic. “If you want to play, I will give you Alan-sama, please enjoy that one.” 

“Hahaha, so it’s me now?” 

“It’s fine!” 

Shera then went to Leonard side and grabbed his arm, and then she glared at Dahlia who was on the other side. 

Seeing a girl threatening face, Dahlia and Alan laughed out at the same time. 

“W-What are you guys laughing at~?! 

“Go look at the mirror. Shera-chan, you’re too desperate~….” 

“Y-You sure very harsh, Nee-san.” 

“Sometimes, seeing you like this, I cannot believe that you’re actually the ‘strategist.'” 

“Alan-sama, you too… Geez…” 

Shera decided to end her threatening while still sulking… 

Though Dahlia had let go of Leonard, Shera still didn’t let go of his arm. 

Seeing the dispute had come to an end, Leonard then seriously speaks to Dahlia. 

“I’m sorry, but I’m full with just thinking about getting Alexis back. At least until then, I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone…” 

After thinking about it seriously, he responded without hiding anything… 

Listening to such answer, Dahlia and Alan then turned their gaze at each other. 

Then they laughed at something that was different compared to the last. 

Having his serious answer being laughed at. Leonard was puzzled and asked… 

“… What part of it is wrong, Shera?” 

“No no, Leo-sama, please let it be as it is… Shera will be by your side for a long time, so there’s nothing wrong with what you said…” 

Shera was really relieved, and with a happy face, she began to snug into Leonard’s arm which she had grabbed since earlier. 

Seeing her behavior, Leonard perplexed, but Shera didn’t stop. 

“I’m really relieved…” 

He was not sure what she feels relieved about, so he asked her, ‘When you’re relieved, you start rubbing your cheek, huh?” 

“Please think of it as a cat’s whim…” 

“I don’t understand what you mean…” 

“Nyaa~, Nyaa~…” 

Even if he blamed her for doing it, Shera always loved to fool around, making Leonard dejected. 

Since he cannot shake her violently, he asked Alan for help with his gaze. 

“Could you fill this with replacement, Shera?” Alan then shakes the empty basket that previously filled with wild strawberry. “For Leo’s sake, you should personally choose the most delicious one…” 

“Yes, please wait for a bit~…” Shera then leaves the room full of energy. 

“As expected of Alan-sama, you sure know how to handle a woman.” Dahlia chuckled after looking at the spectacle. 

That was precisely what Leonard thinking as well… Sometimes he could not read the subtleties of people’s feeling, but if he asked Alan for help, he would resolve it immediately like a gigolo from somewhere… 

Leonard then sighed at his incapability. 

“As always, thank you.” 

“It is fine. We’re friend, no?” 

He felt he won’t be able to raise his head against this four years older friend no matter how many years had passed.