Alexis Empire – v1-c1

It was when he turned 15 years old when the eight princes of Claude Empire taste his first battle.

It was a defeated battle.

Countless enemy soldiers were holding their spears.

Inside the forest dense with Alexis chestnuts big trees, running along the highways piercing roar of battle cry could be heard. Showing the economic power and unity of a major military country, they were blue-uniformed soldiers of Admov Empire.

The number of the pursuer was around a thousand. Or maybe two or three thousand. –

The sounds of their steps could be heard from far away.

And it was Leonard and the others duty, the rear guard, to stop them.

Which were consist of a small force.

They were soldiers who had lost their horses, wore dirty armors, and holding dull swords covered with blood, their number was no more than 300 men.

Waiting there like a shabby breakwater, they were on the verge of being annihilated.

Leonard was standing in the middle of the front row.

He had black hair and eyes, and on his face, the color of fear could not be seen.

His body was a blessed body with a well-toned body and perfect height of around 180 cm.

He was standing with an imposing stance.

Unlike his comrades, who began to ask for help from the Gods, his mouth remained silent.

“Isn’t this a good time for you to pray, Leo?”

The one who given such advice was a four-year best friend of him.

He said those words while casting the name of Athens and then kissed his beloved spear. His good looks didn’t match such sloppy behavior. Even though his body was covered with mud and black blood, there was no sight of it clouding his natural behavior.

He was the first child of Earl Eidonia household, his name was Alan.


Leonard answered with a short word.

Seeing him disregarding a God protection, after showing a wry smile, Alan said ‘when I’m with you, somehow I don’t feel scared of anything.’.

His words causing the one who heard him embarrassed, making the surrounding who looked at his embarrassed face laughed and filled with vigor.

In response, Leonard said, ‘Leave me be.’.

(There is no God. One should use their own power to make a way out.)

Not long after, the enemy front line appeared in front of their eyes, striving to be the first to attack.

A hard sword in a flash.

One soldier was lying dead on the ground. The enemy was pushing out his spear ahead, but Leonard movement was faster and sharper, he swung his sword diagonally and killed the enemy.

Even if the enemy was wearing heavy armors.

Leonard once again killed another soldier.

His action caused the enemy comrade turned back and joined with their allies not far behind.

And in the blink of an eye, their allies finally caught up.

“Don’t fall behind from Leo!”

Following Alan’s shout, the other knights join Leonardo sides.

Thanks to that, Leonardo could concentrate on the enemy in front of him.

When he swung his sword diagonally toward his enemy, his enemy tried to block his attack by holding the sword horizontally, but unfortunately, his sword was broken right in the middle. Due to Leonard’s strength, the sword could not hold out.

“Hahaha, how unlucky bastard!”

Seeing a chance, an enemy soldier pushed his spear.

Surprisingly, Leonard casually grabbed the base of the spearhead.

Seeing such a movement, the enemy soldier’s smile froze.

Leonard who showed such a feat easily pulled the spear to snatch it, and he calmly rotated the spear and in reverse pierced the enemy’s throat. Because his thrust was too strong, the spear handle was broken in the middle.


Alan pulls out his sword hanging on his waist and in a single breath, throw it toward Leonard. Then Leonard received the sword midair without even looking, he naturally immediately swung the sword down and killed the enemy in front of him.

“I’m sorry for the trouble.”

“Don’t worry, we’re friends after all.”

While smiling fearlessly, they both killed their enemies at the same time.

Leonard slashed another three soldiers with lightning speed. The sword he had borrowed from Alan had already broken, but by that time, many weapons were laying around near soldiers corpses. He picked up a spear stabbed on a dead soldier’s body and thrusted it on another soldier , he picked up a sword stabbed on the ground and use it to slash the enemy until the sword was broken.

The scene was like a theater of slaughter.

Admov soldiers who saw the scene flinched, and their face turned blue.

The enemy forces that had been advanced as if being unstoppable had been stopped by Leonard.

Or rather, they were being pushed back.

Seeing Leonard prowess, it caused the reluctant rearguard who was like a shabby breakwater before the fight and transform them into soldiers with a calm attitude.

“You guys did well boys!”

At the end of the battle formation, an encouragement voice could be heard.

Despite being sixty years old woman, her voice was still vigorous. She was a tall woman who rides a horse boldly on the back.

She had an old wound on her face which runs diagonally, making her appearance like that of a female head of a bandits gang.

However, she was actually a famous noblewoman. She was Marquis Alexis’ wife.

She was a distant elder sister of the current Emperor, which also Leonard’s aunt, her name was Rozalia.

“If they made it this far, then they are one step away from Kursand! We will stop Admov advance here! One more step, one more push, we will fight to the bitter end, anyone who wants to fight, follow me!”

She raised her voice to inspire her allies.

She was a supreme commander of the motherland defense, by all rights she could’ve just escaped to Kursand even if that would cause her being thrown slander, but she decided to stay with the rearguard instead.

In response to her words, Leonard and the others fought hard.

No one was optimistic that a force less than three hundred could survive such onslaught. Everyone knew that Rozalia was just trying to raise their hopes.

For them, the content of her words actually didn’t have any significant meaning.

They were burning with spirit because those were the words spoken by the General who decided to stay with them in such hell.

Ahead on the highway, their main unit was full of people with serious injuries, they were in the middle of withdrawing, for the rear guard, if their comrades could escape, they at least could feel a bit proud even if they were staying behind and about to die as a desperate roadblock.

The men who were fighting right now was ready to smear their hand with blood and bring the enemy down to hell with themselves.

If one person down on one knee, another would lend his shoulder, then they would stand and fight together.

A fatally wounded soldier who had his stomach innards spilled out hugged an Admov soldier to stop him from moving and asked his comrade to kill them both.

In the middle of such ragging furry, someone shouted…

“This is bad, Rozalia-sama!”

The voice was coming from a silver-haired young girl.

She was Rozalia’s lady attendant.
She was supposedly had gone ahead with the main unit.
She had reversed back her horse and returned back.

“Why did you come back, Shera!”

Rozalia opened her eyes wide and scolded her, but the silver-haired girl did not listen.

Riding her horse in a hurry, she reported with tears spilling from her eyes.

“The main unit is under attack! Probably their cavalry had a skilled person who can track trails through the forest!”

“Son of a bitch!”

Rozalia cast a cursing word.

“Leonard! I will leave this place to you for a while, understand?!”

While jumping on Shera’s horse, she gives a command to the frontline.


Leonard didn’t reply, he just roared and punched an enemy while cutting down another.

He didn’t even look back.

He quietly raises his ghastly rage like a burning fire…

(Aunt said she leave this to me after all…)

Naturally, they should withdraw, but he won’t forgive if an enemy run pass,

Leonard himself won’t forgive himself if that happens.

For him, his aunt’s words were that important—