Flame Kingdom – 16

– – – – “So, what do you think of it?” “It was a well made one, I guess that’s what I should say?” Kota once again looked at the shredded certificate that he throws on the table. Even the ‘日本語’ letters that he put there as a measure of counter-counterfeit was being replicated perfectly. […]


Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c26

1-3-3 (Operation Orchestra)   Extended Calendar, November 5, 1899. Eastern Federation Standard Time 13:00.   Third meeting room, Pan-Human allied force Joint chief of staff. “Following the schedule, now we will discuss the feasibility of ‘Winter offensive operation in area VII’” Following those words, the atmosphere of the meeting room changes slightly. It can be […]

The Girl and the War – v1-c14

Soon they reached their aim. But the reinforcement was late. A little farther from the fort, they meet with Lieutenant General Dario. Adolf remains on his horse opposite to Dario. “Lieutenant General Dario, you’re safe…” “It’s too late to come. The enemy is approaching soon, we need to immediately withdraw.” “There should be a lot […]